Council and Officers 2023-24

President:  Dr David Thackray

Past President:  Denise Magauran

Vice-President:  Jane Rowe

Secretary:  Robert Mann

Treasurer:  Dr Stan Waddington

Lecture Secretary:  Sue Bennett (Box)

                             Paul Wyeth (Painswick)

Membership Secretary:  Clare Woodman

Communications/ Publicity Officer:  Jane Rowe

Proceedings Editor:  Dr Joe Angseesing

Web Administrator:  Paul Wyeth 

Field Activities Committee:  Peter Cornish, Denise Magauran, Lynne O’Farrell, Gerry Revell, Jane Rowe, Dr David Thackray (Chairman), Dr Stan Waddington

Research and Publications Committee:  Dr Joe Angseesing (Chairman), Jane Rowe, Dr David Thackray, Dr Stan Waddington, Jan Whitton

Badgeworth Reserve Officer:  Sue Gage

Despatch Officer:  Gerry Revell

Additional Members of Council:  Peter Cornish

Administrative Secretary:  Sylvia May

Accounts Examiner:  Anthony Pearson