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H&S for Lectures

Health and Safety at Lectures (including Risk Assessment)

The majority of risks arising from our use of the Halls can be minimised by adopting the usual common-sense approach, however, a few are highlighted below as Hazard/ Risk/ Mitigation. Some mitigation measures are noted on the Lecture Programme Web page.

Hall set-up

o   Moving tables and chairs/ Physical injury/ Hall Logistics Officers to use safe manual handling techniques, not to overload chair trolleys, and to share the load of heavy tables (and to caution volunteers as necessary).

Electrical appliances brought to venue

o   Unsafe equipment/ Electrical shock/ Lecture Secretaries to ensure Club’s appliances comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (safe, in good working order, and used in safe manner).

o   Trailing cables/ Trip hazard/ Lecture Secretary to keep cables as short as possible, ensure lecturer is aware and to remove cables immediately presentation is over.


o   Food/ Contamination/ Servers to follow appropriate health and hygiene measures.

Fire in Hall

o   Fire/ Confusion about exits and Assembly Point (Box: Car Park, P’wick: Entrance to Car Park)/ Regular announcements at lectures by Publicity Officer; Hall Logistics Officers and Lecture Secretaries to act as Fire Marshalls ensuring orderly exit.

o   Fire/ Operation and blockage of Fire Exits/ Hall Logistics Officers to put out chairs appropriately; Lecture Secretaries to check at beginning of each lecture that Fire Exit doors are functioning, and check that escape routes are free of obstruction.

o   Fire/ Leaving people behind/ Lecture Secretary for venue to check Hall, kitchen and toilets; other Lecture Secretary and Publicity Officer to ensure each infirm and disabled member has a helper; Attendee Registrar to check names against list at Assembly Point.

o   Fire/ Minor fire/ Lecture Secretaries and Hall Logistics Officers to be aware of location and operation of any fire equipment.

o   Fire/ Building/ Lecture Secretary for venue to activate Fire alarm if necessary (Box: none, P’wick in Kitchen) and phone for Fire Brigade.

Car park

o   Moving cars/ collision with pedestrians/ drivers and pedestrians advised to be aware.

o   Wet or icy surfaces/ Slip and fall risk/ Pedestrians advised to take care.


To ensure prompt care for members who suffer an injury or become ill during a lecture, members who are First Aiders are asked to assist, and the Lecture Secretary for the venue will call for further medical support as necessary. Locations of First Aid boxes – Box: Kitchen cupboard, P’wick Beacon Hall: Kitchen.

The Lecture Secretary for the venue will report all incidents involving injury and fire to the Hall Manager as soon as possible and complete the relevant section in any Accident Books.


Telephone nos.:

Emergency Services: 999

Box VH Management Chair: Chris Ames 01453 832345

Painswick Centre Emergency Contact: 07769 182 229

Painswick Centre Manager: Dawn Tyson 07587 607 507

Paul Wyeth 2024-03-28