Lectures 2023-24

Textile Conservation (Alison Lister)

Lectures begin at 2:30pm at each of our two venues:

the Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Painswick GL6 6QQ and

Box Village Hall, Box GL6 9HJ


04/10/23 Gloucestershire's Traditions and Festivals captured on film (Kate Peake)

01/11/23 Tales of a Sussex Family Farm (Angela Lerwill) 

06/12/23 The Radical History of Stroud and the Five Valleys in the 18th and 19thCenturies (Stuart Butler)

07/02/24 Stroud Workhouse - a danger to sick people (Chas Townley)

06/03/24 Restoration of the Cotswold Canals (John Newton)

03/04/24 Casting Stones at Napier’s Bones (Malcolm Watkins)

01/05/24 Road Travel and Transport in Georgian Gloucestershire: the Turnpikes and the Improvement of the Roads (Nicholas Herbert)


17/10/23 Textile Conservation (Alison Lister)

21/11/23 Back street bronze casting: Don't try this at home! (John Huggins)

19/12/23 The Berkeley Estate in the 18th Century (Jim Pimpernell)

16/01/24 Tales of a Country Auctioneer (Philip Taubenheim)

20/02/24 The Land Girls (Fiona Warin)

19/03/24 Edward Jenner: a man who changed the face of the world (Prof Gareth Williams)

16/04/24 Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (Martin Hayes)

21/05/24 Nature Conservation (Kathy Meakin)

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Contact (email links):

Paul Wyeth (Painswick)

Sue Bennett (Box)