Lectures 2023-24

Textile Conservation (Alison Lister)

This year’s programme is listed below.

Lectures begin at 2:30pm at each of our two venues:

the Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Painswick GL6 6QQ and

Box Village Hall, Box GL6 9HJ

Please note that the car parks at both venues are small and attendees may need to find a space nearby. Members are encouraged to car-share when possible. (Please be aware of the risks from moving cars in the car parks, and also the slip and fall risks when the surfaces are wet or icy).

Health and Safety at Lectures: The majority of risks arising from our use of the Halls can be minimised by adopting the usual common-sense approach, however, a few are highlighted on the Health and Safety page linked opposite. 

In the unlikely event of a Fire, members and guests are asked to assemble in the car park at each venue and to have their names checked off the register before leaving. Council Officers will take responsibility for directing, assisting, checking the building and calling the Emergency Services.


04/10/23 Gloucestershire's Traditions and Festivals captured on film (Kate Peake)

01/11/23 Tales of a Sussex Family Farm (Angela Lerwill) 

06/12/23 The Radical History of Stroud and the Five Valleys in the 18th and 19thCenturies (Stuart Butler)

The SouthWest Film and Television Archive (Paul Wyeth)

07/02/24 Stroud Workhouse - a danger to sick people (Chas Townley)

06/03/24 Restoration of the Cotswold Canals (John Newton)

03/04/24 Casting Stones at Napier’s Bones (Malcolm Watkins)

The Radical History of Stroud and the Five Valleys in the 18th and 19thCenturies (Stuart Butler)

01/05/24 Road Travel and Transport in Georgian Gloucestershire: the Turnpikes and the Improvement of the Roads (Nicholas Herbert)


17/10/23 Textile Conservation (Alison Lister)

21/11/23 Back street bronze casting: Don't try this at home! (John Huggins)

19/12/23 The Berkeley Estate in the 18th Century (Jim Pimpernell)

16/01/24 Tales of a Country Auctioneer (Philip Taubenheim)

20/02/24 The Land Girls (Fiona Warin)

19/03/24 Edward Jenner: a man who changed the face of the world (Prof Gareth Williams)

16/04/24 Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (Martin Hayes)

21/05/24 Nature Conservation (Kathy Meakin)

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Contact (email links):

Paul Wyeth (Painswick)

Sue Bennett (Box)